Top Reasons that Makes a Sexless Marital Relationship Go From Bad to Worse

There is no doubt about the fact that a bond of love and trust is necessary in a long-term marital relationship. Along with it sexual intimacy is also vital to spur it up and revitalize it further. But a sexless marriage is a harsh reality and there are many reasons behind it that could make the situation from bad to worse. Here are some of them.

You feel sex is not your cup of tea

It can be lack of communication issues or health problems many couples do not feel free to talk about sex with each other. They do not feel like sitting down and talk about their gratifications and desires. This works like a mayhem in their marital relationship and causes the relationship to drift apart.

Remember sexual relation is a yardstick for your intimate life and keeping it on the back burner will simply lead to infidelity and break up. It’s difficult to grow a relationship and it’s equally easy to break or destroy it.

You can’t understand sexuality and lust 

To enjoy sex, it is important to understand lust and the different phases of it such as arousal, plateau, and orgasm. Not understanding them will trigger dissatisfaction and an inactive sex life.

You are not young anymore

As couples continue to age they begin to face its adverse effects. Right from impotency to menopause, they act as damper in sexual life. Get in touch with a doctor in such cases as these types of disorders doesn’t mean the end of your sex life, it simply means finding your feet.

You think that your partner has a sexual problem and not you

Many couples find it hurting to their ego to accept that they have a problem, instead they blame it on their partner. Moreover, feelings of ignominy and guilt prevent us from admitting, communicating, and solving our sexual problems as a group.

You are too stressed out

Work pressure, sleep deficiency, financial problems, and stress all take toll in your sex life. It negatively impacts your sexual desire, drains your energy and desire to get closer. It is best to get rid of stress to pep up sex life. This can be achieved by practicing yoga/meditation, taking a riveting vacation, focusing on brighter sides of life etc.

You are not spending adequate time with your partner

Not spending enough time with a partner spells doom in a marital relationship. It takes away the attachment and the affection that is vital for a long-term relationship. Therefore, couples should plan a romantic getaway, candlelight dinner, movies in theatres to connect with each other and get rid of the acrimony.  Familiarity does breed contempt and there will be fights, conflicts, monotony and challenges but couples must surmount them successfully to make their conjugal life happy.

You are letting your family members to intervene

Getting parents or family members involved in a conjugal relationship can act as a disruptive force and many couples are susceptible to it. The best way is to solve your issues by your own and get counselling from experts if required.

It is difficult for the couples to remove their marriage from the grind of ordinary life and making it survive against the ravages of time. But this is life, full of trials and tribulations.


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